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Women Rising for Africa


Women Rising for Africa is a local non-profit organisation, founded by LILIANE in 2022 after having lived in Uganda. At the beginning of 2022 she has created a project whose focus is the empowerment of women, safe and sustainable mobility, physical security and the creation of new job opportunities for the Women of Uganda.

Improving the quality of life and economic independence of women is our main objective.

Women Rising for Africa


Our program has action in 4 areas;

  • Training as motorcycle operators and users.
  • First Aid certification.
  • Self-defence- Emotional Coaching.
  • Training in economic management.

We believe in the well being of the women and their children is primordial for a healthy prosperous society and future.  We want t continue to implement our program all over Uganda and in East Africa where women are facing daily the same challenges.


Women Rising for Africa


Lets us grow together and support each other on this beautiful venture.

Be part of women RISING FOR AFRICA community.

WOMEN RISING FOR AFRICA organisation thanks Villas Sitges for its support and collaboration and hope for much more to come

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We invite you to discover our project and be part of it.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us through our website or Instagram.


Web-> http://womenrisingforafrica.org

Insta-> https://www.instagram.com/womenrisingforafrica/

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