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Sitges Carnival is finally back!

After two years without being able to celebrate one of the most anticipated and spectacular parties in the area, you can smell in every corner the desire and joy of being able to go out on the streets again with fantasy costumes, colored feathers and lots of dancing. The Sitges Carnival 2022 will take place from Thursday (February 24), until Wednesday March 2, with the “Burial of the sardine” of his Majesty King Carnestoltes.


The Carnival Commission and the City Councils have worked with the aim of resuming this festivity in balance with its essence, but with sanitary measures adapted to the current moment, adapting the parades for it. The parades on Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival will be at 12:00 p.m. for children, and at 7:00 p.m. for adults. The route will be from Sofia Avenue to Espalter Street.


From Can Parès we encourage you to let yourself be carried away by the vitality and joy that is breathed by Carnival in this wonderful environment, and that is why we want to share with you the main activities. Don’t forget your costume!



  • From February 23 to March 3: 5th Contest of balconies, facades and carnival windows. The inhabitants of Sitges take the opportunity to show off their windows, balconies and facades by decorating them for carnival.
  • Thursday, February 24: Arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes at 6:30 p.m. This year, instead of being held in the Fragata as usual, it will take place in Plaza Vidal y Quadras to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Retreat.


At the end of the act, the Carnestoltes and his entourage of scoundrels will make a small parade through the following streets: Baluard Vidal i Quadras, Fonollar, Port de n’Alegre, Rafael Llopart, Sant Damià, Àngel Vidal, Cap de la Vila, Major and Arrival at the Town Hall Square.


Once the presentation parade is over, the Carnestoltes will make its star appearance at the Sitges Town Hall, where it will do a Predicot full of satire and will seize control of the town for a few days, turning it into a place full of party and debauchery.


To end with the first day of the Carnival, we have the classic Xatonada with Carousel at the Prado Casino

  • Friday February 25: H.M. Carnestoltes and the Queen visit the schools of Sitges. Throughout the day, they invite all the boys and girls of the schools to prepare costumes and decorate the classrooms and schools.


On the same Friday, starting at 7:00 p.m. the Rua d’Antes is celebrated from the Cap de la Vila, where all the people who want can join dressed/costumed as they please and a brass band will accompany them in the dance to the Plaza de la Fragata. Once there, we can enjoy a concert remembering the best hits from before.

  • Saturday February 26: Visit of the Carnestoltes, the Queen and their respective groups to the Municipal Market at 10 am.


At 12h the crazy Disguised Beds Race begins, accompanied by the kings of Carnival and their usual brass band.

  • Sunday, February 27: The long-awaited Rua infantil (12pm) and Rua de la Disbauxa (7pm) The inhabitants of this town and its surroundings attend a colossal party where the town is filled with color, music and festivity. The route will be as follows: Avinguda Sofia, Passeig de la Ribera (sea side) to Plaza de la Fragata and back along the promenade, Bassa Rodona and Plaza del Pou Vedre.


Disbauxa Festival from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., where you can dance both in the Retiro and the Prado.

  • Monday, February 28: Visit to the residences by the Carnestoltes and the Carnival Queen. They will go to Hospital de Sant Joan Baptista, Les Magnòlies, Fundació Ave Maria and Sitges Park.
  • Tuesday, March 1: The Rua Infantil (12pm) and the Rua de l’Extermini (7pm) are repeated, with the respective Fiesta de l’Extermini once finished and the same route.
  • Ash Wednesday, March 2: Burial of H.M. Carnestoltes at 7:00 p.m. There will be a tour from Calle Ángel Vidal (where the Retiro, its entity, is located) to Plaza de la Fragata, where everyone will say goodbye and Mrs. Cuaresma will take over, ending the week of excesses and sins.

In conclusion, we couldn’t be happier to be able to experience again the joy that is brought by the Sitges Carnival. You can look for accommodation in a place like Can Parés, where you will find the peace and tranquility of nature but in just a few minutes you will be immersed in the fantastic and magical world of Carnival. Now, time to enjoy!

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