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Finding the magic in Christmas.

If you are wondering how to have a Christmas full of magic amid so much uncertainty, here we will explain some actions that can help you reconnect with what really matters.


The times we are living in are full of fears, arguments, polarization, uncertainty and questions. But we are fortunate to have dates like Christmas to get out of our routine and disconnect from everything that is causing us some kind of suffering.


Whether at home or traveling, alone or with someone, with family or friends, this time is a beautiful time to slow down the revolutions of the hectic and fast life that we lead and thus be able to recognize, value and share everything that this year has given us.


Let’s make this Christmas one full of compassion, love, generosity and unforgettable memories. Let’s connect our hearts with what makes us better people.


We share 5 things you can do to have a dream Christmas.


  1. BE PRESENT: We live fast-paced lives with endless chores that appear on our busy schedules every day. However, at this time we can stop for a moment and enjoy the holidays to practice full presence, put aside everything we have to do and connect with what we are doing. Enjoy every hug, every smile, every message, every gift, every dinner, every moment.


  1. PRACTICE GIVING: When we are generous we open the doors to abundance. Whether we can give a hug, something to eat to those who need it, a gift or perhaps a donation to an NGO, we are practicing the act of giving. And here’s a little secret, it will be even more powerful if we do it without expecting anything in return.


  1. LOOKING FOR PLACES THAT BRING US PEACE: At home, in the city, in a park, at the sea or perhaps planning a getaway to some place outside our daily lives that makes us disconnect from our routine. El Garraf for example, is a great place to find this. You will find nature, culture, peace, tranquility. If you want to spend a few days among nature but with all the comforts, Can Parés is a great option, it is adapted so that your well-being is a priority.


  1. LIVING FULLY: Regardless of our context, who we are, or what we have, we can find ways to live fully. Finding spaces to do what we like, dance, eat, share with the people we love, read, thank, enjoy the little moments that life gives us, have fun, forgive and leave space in our lives to fill ourselves with all the Christmas magic .


  1. GRATITUDE: Sometimes we tend to focus more on those things that we lack and forget all that we have already achieved. Gratitude is a great virtue that we can practice during the holidays, either alone or in company. Be grateful for all that we have learned, achieved or received throughout the year. Be thankful for the greatest gift we have, which is life itself. Thank nature for its generosity, thank those around us for their love, thank for the good times and the not so good, because each moment comes with its teachings.

In conclusion, it is a very special time because it gives us the opportunity to put a pause in our lives, give ourselves moments instead of things, reevaluate what is important, give thanks for what we have learned this year, and make new resolutions for the upcoming year.


In this blog we recommend some of the infinite actions that we can do to have a holiday full of love, peace and tranquility. Because generosity brings abundance, abundance brings gratitude, gratitude brings presence, presence brings peace, and peace brings freedom and in that freedom, there is magic. 


So let’s be the magic that brings light to Christmas!


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