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Experiencia Garraf: agenda de agosto

Garraf Experience: August’s agenda

Although the beaches, vineyards and the general atmosphere of Garraf, which is full of life and nature during the summer, with endless possibilities in terms of quality gastronomic experiences, we believe that having an updated agenda with the main events in the area can greatly enrich the experience of our guests or simply for those who are spending some days here. For this reason, today we want to share with you the essential dates that you must reserve if you are wondering what to do apart from going to the beach during this August.


Jam Sessions (La Fritel·la social bar, in Ger, Sant Pere de Ribes)

Every Thursday during this August, starting at 8pm, the Ger patio is lit up with music played by the town’s inhabitants, who can freely go out to share their creations in front of the public. Whether it is poetry, dance or musical pieces, the charm of the sunsets from there, feeling that you are part of the patio of a classical Catalan house, acquires a special power. Power that is reinforced by the wonderful food they serve and a relaxed and family atmosphere. An indispensable appointment.


Barraques of Sitges

Every year, on the occasion of the Sitges’ popular and cultural celebrations (Sant Bartomeu), the town organizes a few days of concerts, thus allowing you to enjoy the Catalan and Spanish music scene during the summer nights that precede the local popular festivals.

This 2021 the concert cycle is celebrated on August 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. It has been decided, from the organization, to extend the activity from 3 to 5 days to give visibility to the large number of groups that were confirmed for last year’s edition, which could not be held due to the situation derived from Covid-19. As expected, the concert space is designed and thought to follow all current sanitary measures.

The concerts will be -exceptionally- with a paid ticket. The organization defends the reinvention of the format to be able to adapt to the current moment and “guarantee the viability of the event”. At the same time, they want, with this decision, to support the professionals of the cultural sector who are suffering the economic effects of the virus.

Experiencia Garraf: agenda de agosto



Festa Major de Sitges

Experiencia Garraf: agenda de agostoSitges’ main festivities of the town have always been one of the great events of the year in Garraf. Thousands of people participate in it, and thousands more will enjoy it and see it as a public, feeling the joyful and festive atmosphere oozing around every corner. Colorful fabrics, traditional clothing, kettledrums, rockets, giants … Sant Bartomeu is a fantasy, and an ideal time to immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of the town.

Sitges will live this year the popular town festival, but adapted. The main events will have a reduced and controlled capacity, allowing the public to once again enjoy the popular dances and all the emblematic figures of the town (Giants, the fire beasts, etc.) in the street.

All events organized by the Fiesta Mayor Commission are free with prior reservation and with limited capacity. To avoid a few people getting all the tickets, the ticket reservation is limited to two or four tickets per person depending on the event.

As discussed on the website, “Tickets to access the events with limited capacity can be purchased free of charge through the links provided on the website of the Fiesta Mayor (www.sitgesfestamajor.cat ), from August 10 at 9:00 in the morning. “

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