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En la Masía Can Parès, tu salud va primero

At Masía Can Parès, your health comes first

En la Masía Can Parès, tu salud va primero

It is a complex moment that we are living. Traveling is not the same, we must be more cautious and due to the situation, sometimes fears get in our way to risk going out on a new adventure. In Can Parès your adventure will be safe, because our priority is your health. Despite the current circumstances, it’s still possible to travel and see wonderful places such as the Garraf area, on the Catalan Costa Dorada, where the towns of Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes are located. Our Masía (farmhouse) has all the Covid protocols to ensure that our guests will feel safe.

We take measures at different levels to avoid the risk of infection. At the personal level of our guests, in the facilities of the Masía and with our staff.

Personal security measures:

– We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to be able to coordinate all the lodging and catering services.

– We have an established maximum capacity for both events and accommodation.

– In case of losing or not having a mask, by contacting someone from our staff you can get one.

– Our general information service is digitalized to avoid having to do it personally.

– Safety kit: If you wish, you can ask for a safety kit upon arrival that includes a reusable mask and a sanitizing gel.


En la Masía Can Parès, tu salud va primero


Security measures in our facilities:

– The sheets and towels have been sanitized and washed at temperatures exceeding 60 °.

– Our staff will always maintain the security protocols established by the authorities.

– As a means of payment, we suggest using contactless cards or online payment, thus avoiding the exchange of money.

– Despite our environmental values, we have chosen to use certain single-use materials, however we try to make them the most environmentally friendly. For example, we use organic materials, biodegradable disposable wipes and also bathroom amenities.

– All romos and common areas are cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of new guests. The curtains and furniture are disinfected with a hydroalcoholic solution.

– After the departure of each guest, the bedding and pillows are washed at a temperature between 60 ° and 90 °.

Other security measures:

– We control the pool with the chlorine level 5 times a week and all the outdoor furniture is disinfected after the departure of each client.

– The logistics services and suppliers comply with all security protocols.

– Our employees are constantly monitored and we take their temperature at the beginning and end of their shift.

– The uniforms of our staff are washed daily at high temperatures.

– AC filters are disinfected daily to keep them clean and thus avoid any possibility of infection.


Additionally, all our staff have atended a specific training on security protocols against COVID-19 and have been provided updated information on its prevention and the pandemic in general.

We also give additional recommendations to our guests and employees to further reduce the possibility of contagion.

Our facilities are located in a natural environment, they are completely surrounded by nature. This also helps not only that our guests have an unforgettable vacation, but also that the air is clean and safe.

In conclusion, our priority is that people can travel peacefully knowing that the place where they are going to arrive has all the necessary security measures so that they can have a healthy and safe stay. We know that it’s difficult to travel nowadays and that is why we want to give our clients all the comfort so that they can come to visit us at the Garraf Park and enjoy the abundant nature and culture that we have in the area. From the crystal clear waters of our beaches in Vilanova i la Geltru and Sitges, to the deepest forests in the infinite routes of the park. From a delicious wine tasting in a vineyard, to a simple walk through the streets and cafes of Sant Pere de Ribes. The solution is not to stop traveling, the solution is to learn to travel well and go to places that take care of everyone’s health.

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