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Equilibrium Fest 2021, Sitges: A gift for your life!

This year the first Equilibrium Fest will be held in Sitges! A space to disconnect from our routines and reconnect with music, art, sustainability, food and many other things. It will be a place to connect with yourself and with everyone around you.


Now more than ever we are thinking about our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. It has been a year of many changes and movement for the planet and for everyone; so many people have decided to jump on a healthier and more conscious path. Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes is a great place to look for this, as there is a large community interested in promoting events, workshops and sessions that bring balance and peace to our lives.


This is the reason the Equilibrium Fest 2021 was born in Sitges. It will held on September 11th, 2021. Yes, you read that correctly, on September 11th. They have chosen this date because it’s an important date for both the world and Catalonia and they have decided to honor the actions that have previously occurred on this date.


Equilibrium fest 2021 is going to be a festival that is out of the ordinary. Sitges is well known for its wonderful multicultural festivals such as the Fiesta Mayor, Carnival, the Fantastic Film Festival, among many others. However, until today it has never held a festival that is dedicated to adding tranquility and peace to the population both individually and collectively. It will be a full day full of activities, workshops, therapies, talks, holistic products, healthy food, music and much more!

Whether you are a person who has never been interested in these things or someone who is perhaps beginning to explore the holistic side of life more, this will be a very good place to open many channels in your life, a place to pamper your senses and get out of the everyday routine. You can come to listen to talks on sustainability, healing, food, enjoy yoga, meditation, martial arts workshops, enter a session of music and movement or you can even reserve a place for an individual session!


Another excellent news, there will be a space dedicated exclusively for children to also connect with themselves and the world through play, awareness and fun! They will run many workshops of art, yoga, dance and more.


This will be a multicultural event, like Sitges, with people from all over the world. It will be a gift day for you and your companions, to relax, enjoy, have fun, share and recharge yourself with new energy.


They want you to be stress free and in peace, so the Equilibrium Fest will comply with all the Covid19 security protocols.


Today we live lives that go very fast, we have many needs and many responsibilities. We are constantly in a rush trying to do more than what time allows. However, it is very healthy to stop. Stop to give some rest to the mind and body and recharge. Take a few days of vacation, visit places as magical and special as our Masía Can Parès where you can release all the stress that you bring, reconnect with nature and visit new places full of new experiences.


We live in a moment in history where it is important to become aware of our health, the health of others and the health of the planet. Thus, it is wonderful to find options such as our Masías (farmhouses) or the Equilibrium Fest where you will be given all the tools and everything you need to make this journey easier, in order to lead a calmer life, in peace and harmony with yourself and with your environment. Our lives will continue to be fast and full of responsibilities but if we give ourselves the gift of stopping from time to time and opening a door to find our balance, time will slow down and we will live life with more harmony.


In conclusion, you cannot miss the first holistic festival to be held in Sitges!!! Come and enjoy alone or with someone at the Equilibrium Fest where activities for all ages and tastes will be offered. It’s always a good time to give these type of gifts to you and your life. Stop, enjoy, connect and recharge to continue life with more balance, peace and harmony!

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