Our passion for people, the planet and a serene and healthy lifestyle based on an innovative, ethical and cosmopolitan philosophy.

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ClubHouse27 was founded in 2007 by Timothy Haupler and Aleksandra Trampus in the heart of the Garraf region. With Tim’s background as a culinary chef and artist combined with Aleksandra’s many years of experience in marketing and event production, they began their adventure.

What started as a small restaurant by the Tennis Club of Los Viñedos, in Sant Pere de Ribes, became such great success that not long after, they relocated to a larger space.

“Good food, good people” has been the ruling motto of the restaurant during many years. The core concept of the restaurant was to create a community that shared the same passion for gastronomy and eating in good company.

The menu was based on regional, seasonal and ecological produce, with the purpose of sustaining local farmers and respecting what the earth provides each season.

This exceptional eco-Mediterranean cuisine combined with a loving environment, has made the project grow steadily for many years.

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